Honker Inn Lodge Honker Inn Lodge - photo by Tyrel Palmer
Honker Inn Lodge

Inn Lodge

since 1994

Bob & Tatyana Suacci

With a wide variety to offer, located on the California/Oregon border, just off Highway 395 on the shore of Goose Lake, Honker Inn Lodge is home to a large number of Canada Geese and various ducks. Click here to read more about what we offer for hunting ducks and geese.

Honker Inn Lodge
  • The lodge is conveniently arranged for both privacy and group gatherings of 8-12.
  • Accommodations are private/semi-private rooms or cabins.
  • There are two great rooms (one with satellite TV) and a large dining room where buffet or family style meals are served.
  • High-Speed Internet/Wi-Fi is available.
  • The large deck is enjoyed by many for relaxing socializing, observing wildlife, or viewing the scenery of Goose Lake and the Warner Mountains.
Honker Inn Lodge Honker Inn Lodge Honker Inn Lodge

Check out our fine wild quail hunting near the lodge
and a variety of other hunts with Honker Inn Lodge.

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