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Honker Inn Lodge


Honker Inn Lodge offers exceptional hunting opportunities: waterfowl, quail, dove, grouse, mule deer, and antelope, with our specialty being Canada Geese. Shooting ground squirrels after the snow thaws is also very popular. Guests can also combine hunting and fishing. Hunting details are covered shortly.

In addition to hunting, there are a variety of local activities available aside from hunting. These include: mountain biking, hiking, fishing lakes or streams (spin or fly), bird watching, rock hounding, hanggliding, backpacking, viewing wild flowers and wildlife, photography, star gazing, canoing, snowmobiling, skiing, etc. Guided or self-guided tours are also available to hot springs, Native American petroglyphs, Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, sun stone mines, and more.


Private ranches offer excellent valley quail hunting. Hunts can be arranged for morning or afternoon. The season is usually from mid-October until January.


The season is for 30 days beginning the second Saturday in September. Choice upland hunting areas offer excellent blue and ruffled grouse habitat. Beautiful scenic ridge tops in the Warner Mountains and Lassen Creek areas make for enjoyable hunting.


Dove season opens September 1 each year. Hunting is on private ranches.

Mule Deer

Hunts are by draw in California (Zone X3B) or Oregon (South Warner Area).


The hunting Zone is 3, Likely Tables, with a split season. The first season usually begins the third Saturday in August followed by another two week period in mid-September. Those hunters fortunate enough to draw this zone are sure to find their choice of many fine pronghorn.

Ground Squirrels

Honker Inn Lodge - squirrel hunting Depending on weather conditions, these destructive varmints are plentiful from mid-March through the end of June.
•Thousands of acres of private land are available to hunt ground squirrels.
•Long range shooting is available.
•No one is around for miles.
•Hunters have the fields to themselves.
•Honker Inn Lodge provides a safe, non-competitive environment.

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